Microgaming Meeting Room

Project Description:

 September 2012
Boardroom, Control system, Control4


Initially went to Microgaming to fix a problem they were having with their existing TV system. After fixing the problem we discussed possibilities of upgrading the system to make it more suitable for today’s requirements. This was done and the main system was much better than the previous one and now we look after all their AV needs.


Their Demonstration room was having a revamp and the IT support team really wanted to have a new system that was far easier to operate for the people using the room, as was quite a complicated set-up. The room was largely used for video conferencing and presentations so they had two screens (one large screen TV and a projector), an AV receiver for the audio and Polycom for the Video Conferencing. Altogether there were many remote controls needed to set everything up each time the room was used. Using our demonstration facility we showed how this set-up would be far easier by having a Control system in place to take care of all the equipment needed using one simple interface.


The requirement was for two new TV screens to wall mounted instead of one TV and a projector, as aesthetically this would look far superior. The existing Polycom system was still to be used, along with the AV amplifier and also a HD satellite receiver for news broadcasts was to be added in.  Simple control of all these devices was to be catered for. 


After our initial discussions we first provided the client with a budget proposal, which was agreed on and we met on site to explain all of the requirements.

We then carried out the install, supplying and fitting all cabling ourselves, along with the new TVs and satellite receiver. Where the TVs were wall mounted there was a small Comms room behind to house all the equipment in a rack and so out of sight.

We specified Control4 as the brains of the new system, as this would allow control of all of the devices via one simple touch panel, to be situated on the desk. Not only would Control4 operate all the AV equipment but it also integrates perfectly with Polycom so can control the camera, make calls etc.


The end result was exactly what the IT support needed and worked far better than they had visualised. With Control4 at the heart of this system the people using the room now don’t need any knowledge of all the equipment in the room and how to operate it. We downloaded an App from the Control4 store which allows for simple one button presses on the Touch Panel to do everything you need. For example, on the Touch Panel, press the button which says ‘Polycom’ and this then turns on both TVs and the AV Receiver, sets them all to the correct inputs, turns on the Polycom unit and camera and loads up the Polycom interface on the touch panel screen. To switch it all off, press the ‘All Off’ button, couldn’t be any simpler! Not only that but as an added feature we set the company’s logo as the screen saver on the Touch Panel and on the main home screen, which they were delighted with.

Now the IT support are not required to set-up the room for Video conferencing every time the room is in use, so save a huge amount of time not running up and down stairs like they used to!