Multi-satellite solution

Project Description:

 Mr Maasen
 August 2012


Customer was moving to the Isle of Man from France and wanted to continue with the existing TV system he had there, which was a bit more unique than a standard installation. He conducted his own research from France and identified CleerVu as the company who could install this system for him. We had several email conversations with the customer and arranged a site visit prior to him moving over fully so could get a good idea of what was required.Maasen Dish 2


To fit customers own satellite dish directed at four separate satellites so can view various channels and languages. Also to fit multiple Satellite receivers so could watch separate channels / satellites in a number of rooms at any given time. The customer provided the Dish, Satellite distribution equipment and receivers as had previously been installed in his house in France. Our job was to fit the equipment at his new house, which was rented, so minimum disruption to the house was imperative.


There was an old SKY dish at the house so we used this location to site the new larger dish as was well concealed. Due to the nature of this install, with four satellites coming from one dish and the facility to have multiple satellite receivers, it meant running 16 coaxial cables from the dish location to the distribution area. In order to keep this neat and to not ruin the look of the house we came up with the solution of fitting our own fake drainpipe to run all the cables through from the dish to the Loft. This worked perfectly and proved to be a great way to hide the cables with minimum visual impact to the house. We then ran all cables to a cupboard in the hallway so could fit the distribution equipment and allow for easy future access. We also arranged for electrical supply to this cupboard as was none previously. We then utilised any existing cables that we could to existing rooms and ran new discreet cables to rooms which had none so could set up clients own Satellite receivers.


Once complete everything worked as planned and the client was delighted to have everything done so neatly and without any major impact on the house he was renting, which was a big concern to him. It was not the simplest of installs as lining up one dish to four different satellites and getting them all to work perfectly is a huge task, and could only be achieved with a great deal of experience, patience and top of the line signal measuring equipment.