A St Johns Manor

Project Description:

 A St Johns Manor
 Spring 2013
Control system, Control4, HDMI Distribution, Home Cinema, Lighting Control, Multiroom Audio, Satellite


We had worked for this client and his family previously and they approached us during the planning stage for the new house they were building to ensure the correct wiring was in place for their TV requirements. The client had a clear idea of what he wanted to achieve with his home entertainment system in the new house along with a clear budget in mind. 


The client needed multiple TV sources so all the family could enjoy different TV programs simultaneously. High Definition pictures were imperative for several rooms and for the man of the house it was really important to have a superior surround sound system in his main TV viewing room and also a dedicated cinema room. Several TVs were to be wall mounted and it was preferred for the AV equipment to be out of view to give a clean finish. Multiroom Audio was also an important feature and to be available throughout many rooms in the house.


After discussing the various options available with the client we came up with a proposal to not only meet the above requirements but enhance them with simple control of all the AV equipment, which we suggested to be centrally located in a cabinet for easy access and flexibility. Once this was agreed upon we consulted regularly with the builders, electricians, and joiners on the project and provided a wiring schematic and plans where required and attended site on several occasions.

The equipment

To satisfy the whole family it was decided that four SKY+HD receivers would be fitted, along with 2 Blu-Ray players, FreeView and an Apple TV. The SKY+HD receivers would be serviced by a fiberglass dish for longevity and a multi-switch for easy future expansion if required. All the devices were to be distributed in glorious High Definition pictures to 8 rooms, using the always reliable matrices from HDAnywhere. Of the 8 rooms 3 new large screen TVs were required and to be wall mounted. In order to have a finish in-keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the house, we arranged to have the tv brackets recessed within the walls ensuring all cabling and additional equipment was not visible.

In the Sun Room, where the need for superior audio was a necessity, there was a lack of space for fitting a bulky AV amplifier so we fitted in the AV cabinet and wired accordingly. To integrate all the AV equipment and allow simple operation from the TV locations we specified Control4 as the brains of the system, so all devices can be easily operated by one simple to use interface.

The other main room for TV viewing was a dedicated cinema room for all the family to enjoy. This was situated in the basement and we managed to squeeze in an 87 Inch screen, complimented by the beautiful natural pictures provided by a Runco projector. Again not only was the picture and sound of the utmost importance but that couldn’t override the need for the finished look of the room to be exquisite. We liaised with the joinery team who were handcrafting the bespoke units for the room to ensure our equipment blended in perfectly and complimented each other. We specified the awesome Definitive Technology brand of speakers for the Cinema as the quality and depth of sound is simply breathtaking. The front speakers were recessed within the wooden units and custom sprayed to match the colour scheme, while the rear speakers were recessed in the ceiling above the seating position.


This was a great project to work and the system was delivered with a few added touches. All our equipment works wonderfully within this beautiful house and blends in perfectly. The large screen TVs produce stunning High Definition pictures and with Control4 taking charge of all the AV equipment, operation couldn’t be any simpler. The Definitive Technology speakers in the Sun Room and Cinema room deliver room filling surround sound with ease and clarity, and are also our speaker of choice for the multiroom audio, which works seamlessly through the Control4 interface. Our favourite part of the project has to be the Cinema Room, not just for the incredible image quality through the Runco projector or the eardrum bursting sound of the Def Techs, but also for the overall finish and décor, as the client and his family have impeccable taste. There was also an addition to the Cinema in the way of lighting control, which was not originally a requirement, but after a visit to our recently completed demonstration facility the client saw how this could enhance the Cinema experience and thanks to the flexibility of Control4 was a relatively easy retrofit. Now the room is not just used for movies as originally intended but has also become the room of choice for when the big sporting events are on to feel like you’re part of the occasion!