Brands used by CleerVu

Select range of TVs

Within our showroom we have on display the latest flat panel LED TVs from leading brands such as Samsung and Panasonic. Our select range of models have been hand picked in order that they meet our exacting standards such as picture quality, aesthetics, reliability, cost and most importantly ease of use. By taking this approach we are confident in the quality of the products that we offer and aim to make choosing a new TV far less confusing for our customers.

TV Mounts, Brackets & Stands

Need a bracket for your TV? Not a problem! We stock all kinds of brackets for TV’s of any shape and size, whether simply hanging a 19inch on a wall or suspending a 63inch from the ceiling – yes we have done this for one of our customers! Not only are our brackets very reasonably priced, the installation process is very simple, allowing you to maximise the space in any room throughout your house with ease. Feel free to browse through the brochures in store and pick a bracket for your individual needs.

We also stock a range of various styles of TV stand for those siuations where wall mounting is not suitable.


As we are not yet into the age of the wireless TV, we stock a vtast quantity of cabling such as quality scart and HDMI leads, audio leads, surge protective trailing sockets, coaxial cable and much more.

Another in-store service we offer is made to measure coaxial leads with either aerial or satellite connectors, using high quality double screened cable in black or white to suit your needs. For the more demanding installation we stock special heavy duty coaxial cable for long distance runs over 50 metres, plus cable which is designed for underground purposes.

Aerial Accessories

As we have done for the last 35 years, we stock quality indoor and outdoor aerials, ranging from standard size, to the larger high gain type, including FM and DAB aerials.

For the DIY enthusiast we offer the full range of aerial accessories including wall mounts, chimney brackets, masts, bolts, fixings, plugs, clips and just about anything you would ever need for any type of installation. To accompany the aerial equipment we have a great range of TV amplifiers and boosters, to either improve reception or to distribute signals to more than one TV, again using only highly screened, quality, reliable goods.

Satellite Accessories

As well as fitting satellite dishes we stock and sell many different types of antenna, from the more common 43cm Sky dish (Astra2), 64cm (Hotbird and Astra1), 80cm (Sirius), to the more obscure dish sizes which we would be happy to order for you. If its just the satellite plugs you need, again we’ve got it, using only quality ‘F’ connectors and couplers, for all your needs.

Sky/Sky+ Remote Controls

Sick of that tired old Sky remote not working? Dog chewed the old remote into little pieces? No worries, we have all Sky/Sky+/Sky+ HD remotes in store including batteries.